Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Designer are Wankers and I'm a glutton for punishment!

So I was introduced to this new read Designers are Wankers by my current partner in crime Leanne Swift.  Unfortunately she never found the time to read it but after a quick flick through I decided I would make the effort myself.  I have only read the introductory chapter but the book is basically a collection of interviews by established Designers on what the "real world" is like compared to Design education and how students are not prepared by their tutors for the real deal.  I think it sounds fascinating so I can't wait to find more time to delve further in.  I'll let you all know what I think once I eventually finish it; whether it's worth buying or if the author is in fact the greatest wanker of them all for wasting my time.

On another note...
I hate to admit it but in amongst all the stress and headaches of producing my dissertation I have came to the conclusion that I actually enjoy writing about Design.  I'm hoping (once I find this illusive free time I keep hearing I should have) to start writing more articles on aspects of the industry and possibly posting them up here.  Would anyone be interested in that? 

I already have an idea for a new dissertationish piece but am going to keep it quiet just now.  After speaking to one of my Lecturers last week I might try to take it forward as an excuse to go do a masters.  This piece will involve a lot of my own experimentation and research though so I will most likely post them up as I go along.

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  1. I say go for it! Why not? If you love doing then do it :)
    I understand keeping quiet. I've always kept my ideas to myself until someone specifically asks me for it, then I'm all cryptic, and that's when the lecturer shouts at me and I fail.
    J. x