Friday, 27 May 2011

Dissertation Design

So I've finally been allowed back into my blogger account (don't ask because I don't know why... stupid google accounts) and thought I would show you the final article for my dissertation.  These are only a few quick shots, I'll be doing better ones at a later date.

The concept was to have a booklet that anyone could print from their home printers.  It's A5 in size, meaning each spread was printed on A4 paper.  To save printing hassle I chose to make it a rule that printing will only be done on one side of the sheet.  This creates an interesting flow throughout the layout.  Eventually I'll have the entire thing read for you all to download and print off your own copies.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. I love the detailing along the edges of the pages :) how is it bound?

  2. Thanks Mica :) It's bound together with an elastic band (3rd picture). I wanted it to be easy enough for anyone do put together from their home and felt stapling was too hard and irritating (at least for me anyone lol). Everyones got an elastic band, and if they don't just ask your mail man nicely :D

    Thanks for your nice comment. X

  3. Love it! You definately picked the right cover layout too! Looks great!

  4. This is a great, very impressive, did it meet the requirements of the Uni though?

    1. Thank you. The project was actually an open brief so there were no requirements set by the university. Instead I chose to create the boundaries as I felt it would make the project a more interesting piece to tackle.