Wednesday, 22 June 2011

New... but old. Illustrations from my past.

While applying for an internship recently I was asked to present my illustrations skills (something that hasn't been requested of me in years).  I rooted around my computer and managed to find a few old illustrations from my days at Telford College.  So for the banter here they are for you all to enjoy.

These two pieces were both produced to represent the stress of deadlines.  Can you guess who I used for the model? lol

Below are a couple of portraits of two great friends of mine; Daine Cornwall and Sara Ross.  They are far prettier in real life, unfortunately I didn't do them justice.


Coy fish sketches

An illustration to highlight the flavors described in a specific bottle of whisky.  I forget which whisky it is now, but I'm sure I enjoyed it during the research stage (possibly a bit too much, which is why I don't remember its name).

Incase you can't tell these below images are an expressive interrelation of keys (the only thing in my pocket at the time).

Can you believe these are the pieces that got me into Cumbria?  I can't tell what potential they saw, but I am glad they went looking.

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