Sunday, 20 May 2012

Comic Book Couples

Recently I was asked by a couple of extremely close friends to draw up some illustrations for their wedding. Both are big comic-book fans so asked me to draw five infamous hero couples which would then be used as part of the table centerpieces for the wedding, each table being represented by a different couple.

Below are the pencil sketches I initially started with. Can you guess which one was used for the Bride & Grooms table?

Mr Fantastic & The Invisible Woman

Superman & Louis Lane #1

Spiderman & Marry Jane

Superman & Louis Lane #2

Mr Incredible &  Mrs Incredible (aka Elasta Girl) 
Joker & Harley Quinn

In the end I wasn't totally happy with the designs (mainly due to my lack of skill in the area of comic-book illustrations), however thankfully the Bride & Groom were incredibly pleased with the images. I do however plan to continue redrawing them in my spare time as a challenge to both improve my skills and prove something to myself. I have a HND in 'Illustration' and feel that my drawing skills have gradually slipped over the years as I made the transition from Illustration to Graphic Design.

Please let it be known that these illustrations are based on already existing comic-book images found during research. I take no credit for the original compositions. I would have liked to have created original images but due to being out of practice with my illustration skills I didn't want to disappoint and ruining my friends big day.

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  1. Wow! You can draw?! You should definitely keep at it and polish those skills til youre happy with them again!! You never know, you may get asked to use your drawing skills alongside your graphic design skills in the future. I love the Spidey one :O