Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Love Always... Your inner child

This wonderful Installation was created by Brooklyn based artist Julia Chiang.  A time based piece she has created that will slowly melt away under the hot lights of the gallery they are being exhibited in.  As the candy melts it creates these glorious streaks of colour trickle down the walls.

I can't help but feel like a kid again when I think of this piece.  Unfortunatly because I discovered Julias' work through another blog and not her own website I haven't made myself familure with the rest of her work, but I do like to think she just decided one day to see what would happen if instead of sticking one of these amazing rings in her mouth she were to actually play with them.  To mess around with such a childish thing and see what happened.

This aproach (whether it is actually hers or not) is something I feel we should all do.  When working on a brief for a client (or course) I think some of us get too bogged down with the constraits of what we can and can not do.  Instead I say we push these thoughts out the way and just play, be big kids and see what you churn out.  Who knows you may actually discover something amazing that the client will love and want to work with.  If not then at least you had some fun in the process.

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