Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Working... By The Water

Recently inspired by my tutor Rhiannon Robinson (33) and her words of wisdom I thought I'd post my current work in progress for you all to see.  My latest brief is for the Paper/magazine to be released in connection with upcoming festival "Words by The Water".  My task is to design several layouts, front cover, etc, etc to pitch to the publishing staff.  Unfortunately they haven't given me the articles or photos on the writers attending the festival but I have done my best to make do with internet found images and a short biography on Robert Burns.

Each page should consist roughly of around 1000 words allowing for plenty of flexibility incase the journalist's articles extend their limits.

I grew sick of making up names so Kevin James is repeated a HELL of a lot.

Just a close up of the text in use (though I am aware you probably can't read it at this size anyway lol).  For all those wondering the body text is in Palatino.

I'm aware that the layouts aren't really readable at this scale but if anyone does have any comments or suggestions they feel could help make these pages better please feel free to chime in.  

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