Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Hot off the press

Ok, so as some of you may remember myself and the wonderful Leanne Swift (http://www.leanneswift.co.uk/) were chosen by the University of Cumbria's journalist department to design their annual piece to accompany the 'Words by The Water' literature festival in Keswick.  We worked long and hard of the project and finally sent it off to print.  Little did we know there would be a stack of them waiting for us this morning.

This is the first piece either of us have ever put to print and we're extremely happy with the final result.  All day we have been getting compliments from staff, students and even the printing company themselves who claimed they don't normally get the luxury of printing a pieces in this style (I know I sound up myself right now but they really did say that lol).  Hopefully the paper will be a big success at the festival and encourage departments in the uni to work together on future projects.

Unfortunately I don't have photos of all the spreads yet but when I do they will be going up on my website.  None the less I hope you all enjoy it.  Let me know what you think please.

The beautiful stack that awaited us in reception.  We most likely looked like right fools drooling over a stack of paper and snapping photos like it was a celebrity on the red carpet lol.

An article spread (above) and the poetry page (below).

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