Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Ctrl Alt Rock... It begins.

Just back from a meeting with my latest client about our new (ridiculously huge) project. 

Ctrl Alt Rock have asked me to essentially re-brand their entire company and take them in the direction they've always dreamed of. The project will go on for many months so I'll do my best to keep you all updated here. In the meantime please enjoy the sketch that first ignited the project. 

Possible logo? Let me know what you think.


  1. Looking very nice Colin! I like how the first L forms the leg for the A, and was thinking what if you were to move the A slightly closer to emphasise it? Maybe the first C could square off to the arm of the T? So that it looks joined to add more flow, but with the same break between the letters? (and if it works maybe the second too with the K?)

    I'm sorry if my description is a bit vague, but it still looks like a really nice logo nonetheless!

  2. Thanks Gary. No I understand what you're saying, don't worry lol. This was only a quick sketch and I had thought of doing the "T" connection, but I've tried it in the past due to my initials (CT) and never really liked it. However since you suggest I give it a try I shall :) If anyone else had suggested it they'd be ignored lol.

    Thanks for your opinion mate. This is really weird timing as I was just clicking through your portfolio website lol. As always, some great stuff on there!

  3. I like the rough sketch it has a lot of potential. could you make the letter form abit clearer, but I like the whole look