Friday, 21 October 2011

Skint Music Festival

Another late entry from my portfolio. I'm honestly surprised I haven't put up anything about this project in the past but I'm assuming it was just down to it being a busy time in my life.

For this project I worked alongside an Advertising Student and good friend Sarah Knight. Together we were to produce a cost effective way to advertise an upcoming festival that would rival big name music festivals like T In The Park, Download, Leeds,  etc. The reason the promotional material had to be cost affective was because the festival itself is aimed at a low budget audience who haven't been able to afford going to festivals in the past.

One of the promos we decided to go with was this flier folded into a paper airplane. The idea being that  the fliers can be passed around to friends or in public cheaply and in an entertaining way (you know you'd pick up a paper airplane if you saw it on the ground. It's like, the law). 

Here's the flier flat for you to see. There isn't much information in the design as it's just meant to be attractive and lead the reader to the website where all the festivals information can be found.

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