Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sites of Inspiration

So this week I have noticed an increase in me advising friends on what approach they should be taking with their designs, whether they asked for my opinion or not lol. Individually I've listed sites for them to go to for 'Inspiration' and it occurred to me this morning that I should just post a list of these sites here for you all to enjoy. 

By no means are any of these websites secret gems, in fact there is a good chance many of you already know and use them but for those that don't I highly recommend you do. I regularly check these sites just to have a nosy at what's going on in the world and while at uni (when I didn't have a TV) I would spend every morning scouring them over breakfast to gear myself up for a creative day. It sounds cheesy but I swear it worked.

Anyway please enjoy and if you have any sites you feel should be added to the list leave me a comment and I'll be sure to add them for us all to benefit from.

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