Monday, 3 October 2011

So its been some time since I regularly updated my blog and kept you all informed on what I've been up to, well this was because I was on an internship with the Edinburgh based company G2G3. 

G2G3 are a games design company specializing in educational games for different companies throughout the globe. They work for some very big name clients that quiet frankly made my jaw drop. The group were kind enough to offer me a 3 month work placement were I helped them design and work on several projects including; infographics, editorial design, promotional material and of course assisting them in producing some of their games.

I learned a great deal about working alongside clients on large scale projects as well as the business aspect of design. I was also lucky enough to work with a lovely team and help support them in the great work they are pioneering. I want to thank everyone at G2G3 for being so welcoming and supportive not only with my time spent there but also with my future plans.

For more information on the company visit

I would also like to take this time to thank my friend Megan Park who helped me land the internship. Meg is a fantastic Illustrator and one of G2G3's leading Illustrators and Designers. I highly recommend you check out her blog for some of the personal work she dabbles with in her spare time.

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  1. Hey Colin, it was sad to see you leave us but best of luck with whatever you get up to next :) (..and thanks for plugging my blog ;)