Monday, 21 November 2011

The Boat

For the past week I have been working on a series of posters for the upcoming production of 'The Boat' by Laura Young. I decided to focus on the hidden emotions of the characters as this is essentially the key theme to the play. Every character has a secret which they are trying to mask (but is inevitably revealed throughout the performance) so I wanted the images to show the characters in one light, only for the viewer to understand their true emotions after going to see the play. Go ahead and see if you can guess what emotions I've asked the actors to give us a hint of, but ultimately disguise. 

I worked alongside Graphic Designer and Photographer Hugh Leoidsson on this project and he was a great help. Hugh not only took these fantastic photos but was also able to work to the quick deadline I set him and even take charge of the shoot. Unfortunately due to geographical inconvenience I wasn't able to be at the photo-shoot to Art Direct, but Hugh was very good and taking lead from my instructions and sketches depicting what I was after. I'm choosing to say I did Art Direct this but Hugh was the man to put it all together for me. Thank you Hugh for your fantastic work and help.

This project was difficult for me (I wont lie) as I tend to struggle with poster designs. I am however happy with the final results. I have noticed a couple of areas in my skills that I need to work thanks to this project, so in the future I think I will try to produce more posters. They may not be great at first but practice makes perfect.  

The Actors did a fantastic job capturing the emotions of their characters. 
This poster in particular freaked me out as the eyes followed me across the room lol.


  1. Wow these posters are amazing! Hugh has given you some amazing photos to work with, and you have incorporated them beautifully! Definitely makes my poster look awful in comparison :P

    It may just be me being picky, but the last photo looks a little darker than the other two, is this intentional to reflect his emotions?

    And yeah the female poster looks very creepy, but as the character looks evil it adds to the effect :D

  2. Thanks man, I really appreciate that. Yeah Hugh did an amazing job for me. I can't emphasis just how great he's been. And although I disagree about my poster being better than yours I appreciate the complement lol.

    It is darker and yes it was to help emphasis his emotions, but now that you mention it it is rather dark :/