Sunday, 6 November 2011

Craig Ward

Truer words have never been spoken

This Sunday in keeping with my recent blurt of all things typographic I thought I'd share with you one of my all time favorite Typographic Designers (I'm not sure if that's an accurate job title, but I'll let you decide for yourself) Craig Ward.

Now the reason I love Craig's work is because of his playful creativity and curiosity. This man sees type everywhere in his everyday life and brings it forward for the rest of us to enjoy. The first project of his I ever knew of was his typeface made out of human hair. The story goes Craig was sitting in a barbers having his hair cut when he noticed a letter in the shedding on the floor, this then made him wonder what other letters he could form from hair. You have to love a crazy man who makes words out of hair on a barbershop floor (we've all done it with alphabet soup but he takes it to a new level).

This project got me curious of just how crazy one designers work can be and I soon found an abundance of Craig's work all over the internet and printed world. Below is collection of projects where he collaborated with other artists to find new ways of creating or showcasing type.

Working with sean and karl Freeman these letters were created with a computer program that randomized light patterns.

A project for Computer Arts Magazine. The type was actually printed onto glass and then shot at to create this intense and dramatic photograph. That's right, no photoshop needed (though the photo was probably touched up a bit with curves or something).

There literally are dozens of projects by Craig Ward out there in the world for you to enjoy. I have only included a few of my favorites in this post but if you want to see more they are not hard to find. I personally find his website a bit irritating to view so if like me you prefer a simpler way to view design try his Behance profile. Enjoy and let this prove that not all Typography Designers spend their days chained to a Mac.

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