Sunday, 27 November 2011

Studio Newwork

I was reminded of Studio Newwork this week while chatting with my good friend Leanne Swift at our recent graduation. Leanne and myself have always shared a love for great layout design and Newwork were a company we ALWAYS thought of and went to for inspiration when working on our own designs. I can't remember which one of us stumbled across them first but ever since then they have been a huge influence on both our styles.

Newwork are known for their self produced magazine (now up to issue 6) which they use to showcase artists, designers and other creatives they like and admire. The magazines are beautifully designed and show the careful craft and skills possessed by Newwork. To help maintain a crisp and sophisticated feel all the magazines are produced in black and white, with the occasional spot colour (usually on the cover) to help the design 'pop' in certain areas. These magazines are filled with creative and flowing layouts; achieved thanks to their heavy use of white space.

No I did not upload this image incorrectly. Newwork keeping their readers on their toes by throwing in a different angled spread from the rest of the magazine... because they can!

A full bleed image showing that Newwork know just what to do to help create impact in their spreads and showcase fantastic photos like this at their best.

For anyone unfamiliar with the term 'White Space' it is a way of designing which involves creating a spacious and open design by giving the content a respectful amount of room on the page. Usually it means having a lot of paper (normally white in colour) occupy the design instead of cramming the layout full of text. For example a Newspaper is not usually considered to have a lot of white space because the designer is trying to fit as much information as possible into the available space on the page. The samples below are perfect examples of using White Space as a key factor in your designs.

White Space galore!

Showing that White Space doesn't always have to be white.

As one might imagine, with such fresh and clean layouts Newwork are considered a very fashion aware studio and therefore have landed themselves several jobs designing for companies in the fashion industry. Look Books are a huge part of their business as the studio is known for their speciality in print work. They work carefully to make each Look Book a bespoke piece of design and not merely a catalogue thrown together. Each book they produce has its own individual design to compliment the personality of the clothes featured within it. No two books are the same just as no two fashion lines are.

Once again because the studio solely work in design for print they are a go to company for invitation design. Having a strong knowledge and understanding of different print techniques helps them produce lovely and cherished designs. Everything Newwork produce is designed with the intention that the recipiant will keep it forever; the magazines they design will occupy coffee tables for many years to come.

Showing no fear Newwork experiment and print on different materials

You can view all of Studio Newworks magazines here.

Below are a selection of standout projects by Newwork that differ from the rest already featured in this post. Showing that although they are known to work on specific types of projects Newwork are still very flexible and open to new and challenging projects.

 An Art collaboration showcasing the companies versatility and the level of detail they bring to every project. More info can be found about this project at here, and don't forget to checkout the Process video to see just how much work went into the planning of this one off piece of art. 

 A couple of logos the studio have designed. A key feature in all their work is a strong knowledge of typography and this stems through everything from their magazine layouts to their logo designs.

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